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Mass spectrum technology has been widely used in clinical tests such as inherited metabolic disease test, endocrine (estradiol, cortisol, aldosterone, etc.) test, vitamin (A, D, E) concentration test, etc. At present, this technology is rarely used in clinical disease diagnosis in China.

LC-MS/MS technology has been recognized as the “golden standard” in the field of clinical test. Compared with traditional technologies, it features high sensitivity, good selectivity, stability and quick testing speed, especially that it can accurately identify and make quantitative analysis on complex basal body, e.g. indentifying the features of multiple target compounds in the biology specimen like blood, urine and saliva. More and more clinical laboratories have learned about the analysis and testing capability of the technology.

CellZone Medical Diagnostics Center Co., Ltd. has international advanced LC-MS/MS equipment (FDA certified) which can conduct various tests for newborns or adults including target vitamins, target hormone, lipids and aliphatic acids, as well as blood amino acids tests for newborns, fetus and adults, newborns screening, neurotransmitter test, internal thyroid compound test, TDM and common toxic screening test, etc.

Newborn screening is an effective way for disease prevention and treatment of some genetic diseases. It uses umbilical cord blood or heel blood taken 72 hours after the baby is born and lactated. Newborn screening consists of various diseases tests for newborns including inherited metabolic diseases, congenital cryptorrhea, and some serious genetic diseases through quick and sensitive laboratory methods. Through this method, it can make early diagnosis and treatment for the newborns when they have no symptoms or minor symptoms so as to avoid irreversible damage to their brains, livers, kidneys, avoid developmental disorder and weak intelligence or even death.




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