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Precision medicine is a new concept and medical model based on personalized medicine, developed with the rapid progress of genomic sequencing technology and the cross application of biological information and data science.

Precision medicine utilizes omics technology like genome and proteome and other cutting-edge technologies for the biomarker analysis of sample population and specific disease type. It can accurately find the cause of the disease and the target of treatment, and make precision classification on the different status and process of one disease, and finally realize the aim of making customized precision treatment on the disease and individual patient, which improves disease diagnosis and prevention.

Precision medicine foucuses on not “medical treatment” but “precision”.

Since the beginning of the historical mission of gene science – Human Genome Project, the concept of “genomics” has become the research subject of biosystematics experts. In terms of the data flow of the entire life sphere, from the earliest central dogma to the current system biology, these are all the process towards “precision”.

Compared with indiviidualized medicine, precision medicine is more emphasized on the depth features of the “disease” and the high precision of the “medicine”, and it is a high level medical technology based on the further understanding on human, diseases and medicine.

Since the turn of the century, precision medicine has got the attention of medical experts in China. In 2006, the concept of precision surgery was initiated and has been recognized by the medical field. Precision surgery has been applied in the tumor radiotherapy, gynecology and other medical fields. It aims to maximize the ratio of benefits and consumption through reasonable resources allocation and whole-process cost control. Precision medicine has gained considerable progress compared with traiditional empirical medicine, and it integrates advanced modern technologies including sophisticated instruments and bioscience with our excellent experience, which greatly reduces the uncertainties in the clinical practice and realizes precision surgery and minimal injury.




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