Yantai CellZone Medical Diagnostics Center Officially Established

May 2015, Yantai CellZone Medical Diagnostics Center was officially established under the approval of Yantai Health and Family Planning Commission.

The Center is invested by Shandong International Biotechnology Park and is the first independent medical laboratory in Yantai that conducts third party clinical medical test. The Center has more than 20 technicians and a floor area of 2,000m2, as well as more than 40 instruments and equipments valued more than 10 million Yuan. Strictly operated according to ISO15189 quality management system, the Center has established international compatible clinical laboratory information management system, which can make effective monitoring and management on each link of the testing process, with safe connecting port to the HIS system of cooperative hospitals that can automatically deliver the test application and the test results, which guarantees the reliability and consistency of each link before analysis, during analysis and after analysis.

Yantai CellZone Medical Diagnostics Center will build professional test platform in terms of molecular biology, pathology, microbiology, immunology, etc. and build a health management system consisting of forecast and early-warning, precision screening and diagnosis, individual treatment, and dynamic real time monitoring. The Center aims to build as a high tech bio-pharmaceutical platform integrating nationwide chain of independent medical laboratories that provide clinical test services and the R&D, production and sales of clinical testing reagent and instruments. The Center will constantly explore and meet the latest requirements of each clinical section, follow the international standards and promote the economic transition and industrial upgrading of Yantai City and Shandong Province.




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