Luye Group Enters Precision Medicine Field by Acquisition of Singapore Vela Diagnostics

Recently, Luye Group announced its acquisition of the Singaporean gene sequencing company Vela Diagnostics, which marks that the company begins to engage in the gene sequencing business and officially enters the field of precision medical treatment. It will generate synergistic effect with Luye’s business in the future and form the complete precision medical treatment services from diagnosis to treatment.

Established in 2011, Vela Diagnostics is a worldwide supplier of integrated molecular diagnosis workflow solutions. Headquartered in Singapore, Vela Diagnostics provides an automatic platform for disease molecular diagnosis such as Real-time PCR and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), providing customers with complete solutions integrating equipment, reagent and data processing. The company has also conducted business in overseas countries including America, EU, Australia, etc. In the molecular diagnosis field with predominant PCR and NGS, Vela Diagnostics has passed 27 CE-IVD (EU) and 19 TGA (Australia) certifications, taking the lead position in the industry.

About Luye Group

Headquartered in Singapore, Luye Group focuses on the investment and development related to the health care industry. Luye Group has three major business segments, namely, Luye Pharma, Luye Medical and Luye Investment. Luye Group’s vision is to become the most respected leading enterprise worldwide in health care industry.

Luye Pharma Group is a professional pharmaceutical enterprise focusing on the fastest growing therapeutic areas—oncology, cardiovascular system, alimentary tract and metabolism, and central nervous system. Luye Pharma is dedicated to providing customers with high quality medicine products and professional services and has evolved into a leading innovation-oriented pharmaceutical enterprise in China.

Luye Medical Group is a professional medical service agency dedicated to meet people’s health requirements and improve people’s quality of life through excellent medical treatment technology and services. The Group plans to build specialty treatment centers related to rehabilitation, women health, orthopedics, oral cavity health, physical examination, geriatrics and tumor.

With its business focus on biomedical and greater health care industries, Luye Investment Group covers business areas such as new life sciences technology development and conversion, healthcare product development and sales as well as financial investment related to the health care field, aiming to create value through innovation and establish an excellent brand.




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